DSD testing joined the Humanetics family.

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DSD testing
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DSD Testing GmbH is pleased to announce the acquisition by Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc., the global leader in safety testing, whose portfolio includes the development of biofidelic crash test dummies, software modeling and custom sensor solutions.  Through the acquisition, DSD can take advantage of Humanetics’ scale, global network, customer relationships and sector experience to accelerate sales growth for DSD Testing products in all markets worldwide.

Founded in 1990 in Linz, Austria, DSD has built a reputation as one of the most highly respected providers of advanced test equipment, serving an extensive list of top automotive OEMs and Tier I suppliers and EuroNCAP labs. DSD Testing was previously a part of Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH, which also includes the PC-Crash software business and road barrier testing services, both of which will remain with Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH.  Markus Schmidl, current DSD Testing COO, will lead the business with the current team in Linz, while DSD founder, Dr. Hermann Steffan, will continue to support the company post-closing. 

DSD Testing’s product offering includes advanced active safety test equipment such as Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) platform robots, soft target vehicle dummies, and steering and pedal driving robots. The remote operated, GPS enabled UFO system allows vehicle manufacturers to test the latest advanced accident avoidance systems in real world scenarios. With a height of less than 100mm, the company’s highly rugged, sleek UFO robotic platform can be repeatedly driven over by a vehicle without damaging the car or platform.  Steering and pedal robots apply precise and repeatable inputs to control the test vehicle, thereby removing the variability that comes from a human driver.  Working in tandem, the UFOs and driving robots offer a true driverless testing solution.   

DSD Testing has a strong legacy in passive safety test solutions which includes intrusion cylinders, advanced side-impact systems (ASIS) and crash blocks. The company also provides indoor testing services at its laboratory in Linz, which is equipped with a modern 2MN Hyper-G catapult system and a unique, controlled structure deformation system to test structural parts of car bodies (ConAS).




With its smart designed and robust Ultra Flat Overrunable robot platform UFO and  its new driving robot, DSD testing offers the perfect equipment for efficient development and testing of active safety systems.

When UFO was designed, major attention was paid to the test efficiency of the system. Therefor UFO was designed with removable ramps to allow easy transportation and storage in standard minivans and removable batteries to allow continuous testing without charging breaks. Besides that, easy servicing is also taken into account: The UFO is designed with one central cover plate that can be removed with few screws and allows therefor easy and quick access to all technical components. Designing all components to be 100% waterproof allows very easy cleaning of the robot, which is essential if tests are performed under salty conditions.

The DSD driving robot is the perfect complement to the UFO. Its smart design allows very quick and space saving installation. The compact driving robot box, which contains all the electronics for the robot, can be very easily installed by ISOFIX and therefor keeps the passenger seat clear for a test engineer and trunk free for development electronics and data acquisition.

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DSD testing is well known for its advanced systems for passive safety testing since 1997. With products like the Advanced Side Impact System ASIS and the latest development, Controlled Application for Structure deformation ConAS, DSD testing has the products to help solving the current stringent demands in the area of passive safety development.

ASIS allows to develop all kinds of safety systems used to minimize the severity of side impact accidents like pole crash or car to car side crash in a very early stage of the car development. Therefor it saves valuable development time.

ConAS, as an add on to ASIS, enhances the system to deform even very rigid structures like B-pillars. This again allows the development of smart designed B-pillars in a very early stage.

Additionally,,  dynamic intrusion technology is also used for high dynamic seatbelt rewinder test rigs and for any kind of intrusion simulation, like footwell intrusion.

Besides its intrusion technology, DSD testing is also known for their very robust and maintenance free moveable crash blocks. The crawler technology used in these crash blocks enables comparatively very low surface pressure for these massive devices. The crawler technology allows the crash block to turn on the spot, which makes it an efficient test tool, using up to 4 sides of the crash block.

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DSD testing has been running its own 2 MN sled test crash facility since 1999 and has therefor a superior experienced testing service team which is appreciated by many OEMs and Tier I suppliers in the automotive and aviation industry.

Besides any kind of sled testing for development purposes, DSD testing also offers tests to comply with several automotive and aviation regulations such as:


  • ECE R17


  • CS/FAR 23-562
  • CS/FAR 25-562
  • CS/FAR 27-562
  • CS/FAR 29-562
  • SAE AS8049